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As a filmmaker and editor, I’ve been telling other people’s stories for decades. Now I’ve written my own. “THE EYE OF THE HARE” is about family continuity, storytelling, and dexterity.  As a two year old, I suffered severe burns to my hands. They ensure that I do things carefully. For me, meaning in life is best found through a slow attention to things. I find real significance in the woods and valleys near home, and the keen stare of a fox or a hare. My father, Oliver Heywood, was a landscape painter, and my love of nature comes from him. 

"There is so much that is absolutely beautiful, moving and informative - and poetic."
Jamila Gavin

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Some of Oliver’s paintings appear in the book, here reproduced in colour.

I have also adapted the book into a one-man play - produced by my daughter and son, Lucy and Barney, of Stand + Stare – with performances at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol, the Bristol Old Vic, the Gloucester Strike a Light Festival and in Stroud.

“Ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly how you tell a story. Could listen to Pip Heywood for hours.”
Phil Gibby – Arts Council England

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This shorter book was produced in response to the play and combines photos, paintings, text, sound and film. Using image recognition, digital content can be triggered from within the pages. It was produced as a prototype for the Tangible Memories project. Please click here for more details.